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Robert Perry
1936 -

Robert Perry is the son of Johnson and Sophia Frye Reeder Perry and has dedicated many years of service, time and skills to the Chickasaw Nation.

Mr. Perry was elected to the Chickasaw Advisory Council in 1965 during the Chickasaw Annual Meeting. Shortly after being elected to the council, his work as a chemical engineer took him to the Houston, Texas area.

He continued to attend monthly Chickasaw Advisory Council meetings through 1978 and served as the council secretary and chairman. Mr. Perry also spent time representing the Chickasaw Nation on the Five Civilized Tribes Inter-Tribal Council.

In 1993, Mr. Perry served on the Chickasaw Industrial Development Board. Without a budget or operating money, the board reviewed more than 700 business plans submitted by companies interested in business opportunities with the tribe. He served as board chairman for five years.

Mr. Perry published three books, one of which is currently displayed in the exhibit center of the Chickasaw Cultural Center. He currently serves on the National Board of Directors of the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers, a non-profit organization that promotes the work of Native American writers and storytellers.

Mr. Perry spent eight years on the board of the Chickasaw Historical Society and is currently an Emeritus member. He has also served on the Chickasaw Council of Elders since 2004.

Since retiring, Mr. Perry and his wife live in Ada, Okla., and help cultivate their knowledge of the history and culture of the Chickasaw Nation and other Oklahoma tribes. He has been a great contributor to the tribe and has spent many years volunteering his time, skills and service to the Chickasaw Nation. Mr. Perry exemplifies a life of service and continues to be actively engaged in the Chickasaw community.

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