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Hon. Haskell Paul
1907 - 1987

Judge Haskell Paul was a resolute man who dedicated his life to serving the Chickasaw people. Often referred to as a “walking history book,” Paul was an authority on the Chickasaw culture.

He was born in 1907, and spent many years of his life on the Chickasaw Cultural Committee. He represented the Chickasaw Nation on the Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes for 20 years. He also served as a judge for the Chickasaw Tribal Court.

His vision and commitment resulted in the construction of a monument to honor the people he served all his life. That monument, "Chickasaw Warrior," stands on the grounds of the Chickasaw Nation Headquarters complex in Ada, Oklahoma.

His efforts led the way in preserving the history and culture of the Chickasaw people.

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