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Colbert Ashalatubbi Burris
1825 - 1907

Colbert Ashalatubbi Burris dedicated his life to the service and progress of the Chickasaw people.

As a young man, he settled in Pontotoc County in the Chickasaw Nation. He was eventually selected as a representative for this county, and in 1859 as a senator in the legislature.
In 1861, Burris was elected as a delegate for the Five Civilized Tribes and then went on to serve as chief negotiator during the Treaty of 1866 with the United States.

Later on, he was chosen as a delegate to represent the Chickasaw Nation in Washington, D.C. During his years of public service, he also served on the Chickasaw Supreme Court. In 1894, Burris was appointed district judge, presiding over Tishomingo County.

Burris later went on to play a pivotal role in the history of the Chickasaw Nation by aiding in the formal enrollment of Chickasaws for the Dawes Commission.

He also gave the invocation for the historic laying of the granite cornerstone of the Chickasaw Capitol Building. Colbert Ashalatubbi Burris will be admired for years to come for his significant contributions and the role that he played in the history of the Chickasaw people.

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