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Marvin E. Mitchell
1946 -

Marvin E. Mitchell was born Jan. 28, 1946, to Edd and Lucille Keel Mitchell. He graduated from McLish School in Fittstown, Oklahoma, in 1964.

Mr. Mitchell was one of the first students to attend college on the State of Oklahoma Indian Scholarship program administered by Governor Overton James.

Mr. Mitchell earned his bachelor’s degree from East Central State College, now East Central University, in Ada, Oklahoma, becoming the first of his family to graduate from college.

Through his service to his family, community, state and tribe, Marvin Mitchell exemplifies in many ways what it means to be Chickasaw.

In 1998, Mr. Mitchell was selected to serve on the Chickasaw Nation Industries (CNI) board of directors and has served as chairman, vice chairman and treasurer.

He served as a reservist in the Oklahoma Army National Guard for 34 years, retiring as a master sergeant.

His full-time career was with the U.S. Department of Labor, serving as a federal representative, regional administration officer and federal investigator, retiring with 35 years of service.

Mr. Mitchell serves as an elder for the Fittstown Church of Christ. Mr. Mitchell’s portrait is included in Mike Larsen’s acclaimed painting series, Elders of the Chickasaw Nation.

Mr. Mitchell and his wife, Donna Kaye, have two sons, Mike and Jay.

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