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Gov. Palmer S. Mosely
1851 - 1908

Governor Palmer Simeon Mosely served as 20th and 23rd Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

The proud Chickasaw began his political career in 1875 when he was selected as the interpreter for the Chickasaw legislature.

Mosely became a member of the Chickasaw Nation House of Representatives in 1877, and he later served as a county judge in 1882.

Mosely is considered one of the most notable and proficient interpreters in Chickasaw history.

He began his service as national interpreter with Governor Jonas Wolf in 1884 and served as an interpreter for 24 years of his career.

Mosely went on to work as the superintendent of schools from 1885 to 1889 and as a trustee of the Wapanucka Academy. He was later elected vice president of the Bank of Tishomingo and then served two different terms as the Governor of the Chickasaw Nation. During Governor Mosely’s administration, he significantly contributed to the progress of the Chickasaw people.
He signed the Atoka Agreement in 1897, a historic contract that began the process of the allotment of tribal lands. In addition, he helped create the Supplemental Agreement. This notable agreement helped to save the Chickasaw Nation millions of dollars.

Governor Mosely’s love for the tribe fueled his dedication and his life of service on behalf of the Chickasaw people. He died in 1908 at his home in Bromide, Oklahoma. More than a hundred years later, Governor Mosely is still admired for his leadership.

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