2020 Chickasaw Hall of Fame Postponed

To continue to protect our Chickasaw citizens, families and staff in this time of an unprecedented health crisis, the 2020 Chickasaw Hall of Fame event scheduled for June 11 has been postponed. A ceremony for 2020 inductees will be planned at a later date. Updates will be provided as they become available.

Visit Chickasaw.net/COVID19 for the most current information regarding closings, cancellations and program changes.

Gov. Robert M. Harris
1850 - 1927

Governor Robert Maxwell Harris was dedicated to serving the Chickasaw people. He was born just east of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, in the Chickasaw Nation.

He worked diligently to improve the education and overall progress of the Chickasaw Nation. Harris had a successful business career before he was elected as the Chickasaw Nation’s 21st governor from 1896 to 1898.

Harris served as the first president of the Chickasaw Bank after it was incorporated as the Chickasaw Nation Depository in 1901.

During Harris’ time as governor, he worked to improve educational resources for his people. His administration oversaw the construction of a new facility for the orphan school in Pickens County and repaired countless neighborhood schools.

He also authorized and oversaw the construction of the Chickasaw Nation capitol building in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The capitol building is still standing and pays tribute to Governor Harris' dedication to the advancement of the Chickasaw tribe.

Governor Harris was a signer of the Atoka Agreement in 1897, and he also worked to dramatically advance the Chickasaw Nation’s business administration. In fact, upon Harris’ retirement from office, he resumed working in business until he died in 1927. Governor Harris had a profound impact on the advancement and overall progress of the Chickasaw people.

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