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Adam Charles Walker
1925 - 1999

Adam Charles Walker, a Master Artist of the Oklahoma State Arts Council, helped preserve the tribal art of making stickball sticks, bows, arrows and tortoise shell shakers.

Adam has been instrumental in preserving, demonstrating and teaching his unique talents to younger generations of Chickasaws.

A fluent speaker of Chickasaw, he served as a resource in the development of the Munro/Willmond book, "Chickasaw: An Analytical Dictionary."

A full-blood Chickasaw, Adam was chosen to represent the tribe in Charles Banks Wilson's "Search for the Purebloods," a collection of portraits accompanied by narratives of the authors visits with each subject.

His talent as a carpenter and artist was taught to him by his father, and his rock work can been seen on the Chickasaw Nation Headquarters building in Ada, Oklahoma.

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