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Edmund Pickens
1789 - 1868

Edmund Pickens' dedicated service to the Chickasaw people led him into several leadership positions throughout his career. He served as the first Chief of the Chickasaw District within the Choctaw Nation in 1841 and became the second controlling Chief Financial Official and Treasurer. Because of his popularity, he was elected Tribal Captain in 1847.

His work included many great contributions that still affect Chickasaws of today.

He was instrumental in creating a vehicle to establish an independent Chickasaw government and the definition of duties and powers in which the Chickasaw government representative were to adhere.

He served as a volunteer in defense of tribal boundary lines and many of the treaties signed during the later 1800s bear his signature.

His foresight and determination helped lead to the realization of his dream of independence for the Chickasaw people. In honor of his efforts, the district in which he lived, served and is laid to rest, bears his name.

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