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Mary "Ataloa" Stone McClendon
1895 - 1967

“Ataloa,” a cousin of TeAta Thompson Fisher, was a nationally renowned concert vocalist, educator, and advocate for First American education and fine arts.

Her education included studies at Columbia University, the International Institute of John D. Rockefeller, Oklahoma College for Women, University of Redlands among other institutes.

As a performer, “Ataloa” received accolades for her poise, culture, personality and rich contralto voice.

Those who witnessed performances said she had the ability to understand the Indian heart through her program of Indian songs, legends and ceremonials.

She abandoned her career as a performer, however, to take a position as a teacher at Bacone College.

Following her career at Bacone, “Ataloa” taught at the prestigious Idyllwild School of Music and Arts from 1950 to 1963.

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