Vinnie May Seely James Humes
1903 - 1996

Vinnie May Seely James Humes was born in Coatsworth, Indian Territory in 1903 and is an original enrolled member of the Chickasaw tribe.

Although "Sadie" was 70 years old before receiving her high school GED through courses offered by the Chickasaw Nation, she will forever be linked to the education of Chickasaw people for generations to come.

"Sadie," along with her husband, Jesse Humes, co-authored “A Chickasaw Dictionary” which is considered the definitive compilation of the language and an invaluable contribution for the Chickasaw people and those learning the Chickasaw language.

She was a community leader and active in Indian mission work for many decades. As part of her dedication to serving First Americans, she worked as a special caseworker during Oklahoma Governor William H. Murray's administration where she would often have to travel by horseback to reach some of her First American clients who lived in the more rugged, rural areas of Oklahoma.

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